What we do

Both tightness and weakness are often the result of the busy and stressful lives we lead. For example those of you that are desk bound and hunched over a computer all day are probably suffering from shoulder, back tightness and poor posture. Sitting at a desk for extended periods cause your hip flexors to shorten and your back to tighten.
Nick will develop a program specifically for your needs using self- myofascial release techniques, PNF stretching (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) and activation exercises with a focus on improving your motions across multiple planes of movement.

Check Out This Joint Mobility Session


So what do all of these big words mean? What is the end result?
  • Greater range of movement
  • Activate those sleeping muscles that have not been used for a while
  • Increased strength
  • Corrected posture and mobility
  • Lowers your risk of long-term injury

Our initial focus is on creating a strong core foundation and postural balance that will help reduce the potential of injury and see you reach your goals as quick as possible.


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Prefer to exercise solo? Nick is available for private one-on-one sessions.

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Join up with a few friends. Group training is a perfect mix of exercise and socialising, and it also keeps you accountable

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Corporate groups are great for team building and you will be surprised at the positive effect it can have on productivity. Ideal for groups between 5-10 people.

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Mums and bubs groups are ideal for those looking to reclaim their energy and health after having their baby. Join an existing group or start your own.

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Triathlon training programs are ideal for those looking to venture into the world of triathlon or for those who are looking for the podium finish.

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Working towards a goal? High performance training sessions might be exactly what you need. This program can be developed for individuals or groups who are looking to push themselves that little bit further.