Performance 101 is the brainchild of Nick Scott, a Melbourne based holistic personal trainer of 18 years who’s completed two Ironman races and endless number of triathlons and marathons.

So it is fair to say that Nick knows a thing or two about health, wellness and fitness and he has the qualifications to match. With a Bachelor of Sports Coaching, Post Grad in Education, Advanced Diploma in Fitness, Level 1 Triathlon and Athletics Coach, Meditation teacher qualification and a certification in Pilates, Nick understands that human performance extends way beyond the physical, it begins in the mind!.

Nick works closely with each and every client and student, allowing a specific personalised mental/meditation and physical performance plan to be designed and integrated leading to a undeniable transformation!

Our focus

Our initial focus is establishing where you are currently at both mentally/spiritually and physically. From there the appropriate plan can be implemented. Creating a resiliant mindset, strong core foundation and postural balance that will both help reduce the potential of injury and see you reach your goals as quick as possible.

So what can I expect from training with Nick Scott? What is the end result?

  • Greater range of movement, ease and wellbeing
  • Activate those sleeping muscles that have not been used for a while leading to improved athletic performance.
  • Increased strength and muscular endurance due to efficient movement, prescribed recovery and nutritional guidance that supports your performance and body composition goals.
  • Corrected posture which improves confidence and self esteem, health and longgevity in your chosen sport.
  • Improvement in your stress levels with a noticable improvement in concentration, relationships, confidence, self esteem and productivity.
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Prefer to exercise solo? Nick is available for private one-on-one sessions. These sessions are also ideal for people with niggling injuries and/or looking to correct faulty movement patterns etc.

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Group training

Join up with a few friends. Group training is a perfect mix of exercise and socialising, and it also keeps you accountable!

Group Meditation Classes

Nick is available to come into your sporting club, corporate workplace or public event and deliver a specific meditation class that is tailored to the needs and expectations of the organisation.

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Mums And Bubs Groups

Mums and bubs groups are ideal for those looking to reclaim their energy and health after having their baby. Join an existing group or start your own.

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 Performance Meditation Sessions

Performance meditation is specifically tailored for the active sports participant or elite athlete looking to completely take charge of their performance in sport. Pre race anxiety, eliminating muscular tension and letting go of stress, are just a few examples of how these session will sky rocket your performance.

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High Performance Training

Working towards a goal? High performance training sessions might be exactly what you need. This program can be developed for individuals or groups who are looking to push themselves that little bit further.

five minutes of fame

So here is our 5 minutes of fame. We don’t mean to brag but we are excited by this partnership. Nick was recently announced as the Australian Unity’ fitness guy. It has been an exciting journey so far.

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Wellplan Magazine – Spring 2015.

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Wellplan Magazine – Autumn 2016.

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