10 reasons why you should do group training to get fit

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10 reasons why you should do group training to get fit

If you are looking to get fit, here are 10 reasons why we say you should sign up for our group training sessions:

  1. Meet new people: Group sessions are a fun and productive way to meet new people who are interested in getting fit, just like you.
  2. Accountability: signing up allows you to commit and be accountable.  Want to achieve your new year resolution to get fit?  We will keep you accountable.
  3. Guaranteed results:  if you turn up and do the work, you will feel and look better – guaranteed.
  4. It is fun: you will smile at least once:  we promise (even if we have to make you).
  5. Getting fit improves your outlook on life:  it just does.
  6. Saves you money:  One on one personal training sessions cost $50-$150 but group training saves you $$ by costing only $10 – $50 per session (depending on how long you can commit for).
  7. Variety:  our sessions are catered to everyone and are full of variety.
  8. Move better:  our movement coach Nick Scott is passionate about functional movement and will coach you to optimising your movement leading to better performance.
  9. Suits all sports:  our group sessions will complement movement in most common sports (triathlon, running, cycling, tennis, cricket, athletics).Nick Scott Personal Training
  10. Social:  regular meet ups are optional but who doesn’t enjoy a beverage after a hard session?

So, if you are looking for a great way to get fit, call Nick Scott on 0408 431 157 to discuss our group training options.  Happy exercising!

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