Let’s cut to the chase.  Less fat/more muscle is easily achieved via nutrition and exercise. I will get you there quick!

But Performance101 takes things a step further, and really gets you firing on all cylinders in life. Unless you’re a robot, you likely have faulty movement patterns that are holding you back from achieving a high level of physical performance. You  may also be stressed, fatigued, and struggling to find the breakthrough’s you want in life. We will identify your muscular imbalances, and compensations that are causing joint pain, biomechanical inefficiencies and discomfort.  Right away things start to move a bit easier.  Add-in a meditation regime, and relaxation techniques, and true transformation starts to appear.  I help all types of clients at all ages, whether elderly, middle-aged, or competitive in the sport.  I am a human movement and athletic performance specialist.

Call me today. Sincerely, Nick Scott

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Performance 101 is the brainchild of Nick Scott, a Melbourne based movement specialist and meditation teacher who has completed two Ironman races and endless number of triathlons and marathons. Nick has also led the Brighton 2XU run club for the last 3 years and more recently can add Australian Unity fitness guy to his resume.

Nick was recently announced as the Australian Unity’ fitness guy. It has been an exciting journey so far.

What programs we offer:

What programs we offer

We offer a wide range of training options and best of all, we can come to you!

  • One-on-one sessions
  • Group training
  •  Meditation Classes
  • Mums and Bubs groups
  • Meditation Classes for Athletes
  • High Performance Training

Are you ready to chat? We are.

Performance Circle:

The performance circle outlines our mental and physical conditioning philosophy!


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